Friday, March 27, 2009

New Pressure on Secretary Clinton

CONGRESSMAN TELLS CLINTON AGAIN THAT IRAQI CHRISTIANS NEED HELP - Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) has written a third and even stronger letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concerning the conditions of Iraqi Christians. Clinton seems to have ignored the first two letters, which were responded to by a low ranking official at the State Department. Read Congressman Wolf's Letter.

Friday, March 20, 2009


The Religious Freedom Coalition has begun a petition drive asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to formulate a policy to stop the persecution of Christians in Iraq and to aid those Christians who have been forced to flee. More than 100,000 paper copies of the petition have been distributed, and an online version is now available. Click here to read petition!

Official petition site address:

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gov. David Beasley does national radio show for our cause!

Governor David Beasley (R-SC) did a great job talking about the plight of Iraqi Christians on a national radio show hosted by David Barton of Wallbuilders. This is a great show to share with others. Please listen to the show and then send the link to others. Click on link below:


Former Senator Hillary Clinton, who is now Secretary of State, is receiving numerous letters from congressmen and Senators about her human rights policy. I previously reported on a letter to her by Congressman Wolf, and now Senator Sam Brownback has also written her a letter concerning Iraqi Christians. Apparently the Obama Administration has no interest in human rights, and has dispatched Hillary Clinton to China and the Middle East to borrow money for the President's agenda. You read that right: Hillary Clinton has asked the Chinese and the Saudis to please continue to buy U.S. Treasury bonds so Obama can spend and spend and spend. Meanwhile people in China and the "Muslim world" suffer repression, as Obama and Clinton look the other way. See Brownback letter.